Fairfax, Virginia. October 2018. Covenant Park is very pleased and honored to announce an organizational restructuring expanding our roles and responsibilities. This change in operations represents the normal organizational implementation of desired internal controls and accountability. Mssrs. Boccabello, Mullery, and Dwyer have been appointed to the following positions:

Dr. Jeremy Boccabello: Dr. Boccabello has been appointed our Senior Vice President and Resilience Officer. In this capacity Dr. Boccabello will continue to guide our team as pertains to applicable resilience practices and offerings and expanding our commercial portfolio.

Mr. Brian Mullery: Mr. Mullery has been appointed our Senior Vice President and Chief Operations Officer. In this capacity Mr. Mullery will implement corporate operational (human resources, personnel security, fiscal, contract) requirements.

Mr. Pete Dwyer. Mr. Dwyer has been appointed Vice President and Director of Continuity Programs. In this capacity Mr. Dwyer will continue to guide our corporate continuity practice on Capitol Hill across the Legislative and Judicial Branches of our federal government.

For more information please contact us at https://covenantpark.com/contact/.

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