Since 2007, we have been building resilient missions worldwide by applying the full range of resilience frameworks and foundations. We identify and minimize institutional risks by reducing potential impacts to operations and boost stakeholders’ confidence.

Our Philosophy

Covenant Park addresses highly complex problems and organizational missions with practical, prioritized solutions. We make complex things work in the real world.

Our People

Covenant Park derives its talent from a roster of professionals, including corporate officers from Fortune 500 consulting firms, small business owners, as well as former government and military professionals. Our team’s technical experience encompasses business impact analysis, emergency preparedness, emergency response, nuclear/radiological planning and response, continuity of operations / government, business continuity, and counter terrorism programs. Our team’s private sector experience includes global resilience engagements in the information technology, energy, chemical/petrochemical, mining, financial services, pharmaceuticals, and building infrastructure industries.

What’s the Risk?

As evidenced by the well-publicized human, economic, and ecological tragedies in heavy industries (mining, oil and gas drilling, and metal processing), the impacts of minimal or negligent safety and preparedness programs can be catastrophic. The liability payments and destructive impacts to consumer and investor confidence cannot be understated.


What makes us different?

We believe applying the full range of contingency planning considerations provides our clients and their employees, stakeholders, insurance providers, and investors the assurance every effort has been made to minimize risks and hedge against disruptions.


What do we believe?

We believe these practices and functionalities are inextricably linked, not just to each other, but are imperative for achieving the overall success, viability, vitality, and sustainability of any organization under any circumstances.


Our Brand:

Covenant Park is to be synonymous with resiliency, integrity, and confidence. Our shield, as a longstanding tool and symbol of protection, strength, and preparedness, is our indication of our covenant with our clients, stakeholders, and our families.