On October 26, 2020 I posted an article on Election Resilience largely to tag onto the Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe’s statement confirming election resilience as relates to foreign/domestic malevolent actors. But I also outlined “true” election resilience ideals and frameworks to counter any vulnerability, disruption, or even questions of integrity. 13 days after election day, lemme ask, were our election processes and systems resilient?

There are many varying perspectives on the voracity of the processes/systems, some of which remain contested and under review. Fortunately, history shows our system of elections accommodates processes to achieve transparency and verification/confirmation, even if it takes some time. Such accommodations are part of a resilient, free republic. As is so oft stated, elections have consequences — so do resilience-free elections.

#election2020 #resilience #electiontransparency #electionprocesses#electionsystems #riskmanagement #republic #votingintegrity

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