Pete Dwyer

Peter W. Dwyer

Chief Federal Programs Officer

Pete is a recognized expert in resilience, risk management, security and continuity with 20 years of policy, planning, and portfolio/program development experience. He supports all levels of government and the private sector in attaining their resilience goals.

He is a proven leader and practitioner and highly adept at integrating basic applications of resilience from initial planning up to the highest levels of government and has extensive experience supporting multiple organizations within the Executive and Legislative branches of government. Pete guides Covenant Park’s government projects and personnel.

Proven accountability for fiscal operations and personnel management


20+ Government contracts

$60 million

Individual career contract values of up to $60 million

30 consultants

Developing and supervising a staff of up to 30 consultants

Pete has been on the leading edge of helping government organizations address mission assurance, risk, and resilience integration for federal policies and plans and bringing together diverse groups to discuss and share best practices. He is a member of the Mid-Atlantic Disaster Recovery Association and is one of a unique group of continuity, emergency management, security and exercise planners with experience across all three branches of federal government.

Pete is a subject matter expert in the principles, methods, laws, regulations and processes of the homeland security, emergency management, and first responder environment.

Pete has led projects related to

Continuity of Operations

Interoperable and Emergency Communications


Risk Management at the National-Government Level

Planning, Training & Exercises

Logistics Operations

Critical Infrastructure Protection


Continuity of Government


Emergency Management

Recognized Professional

Pete earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Science in 2001 from the United States Naval Academy, a Master’s Degree in Safety & Security Leadership in 2012 from The George Washington University, a Master’s Degree in Public Policy in 2014 from George Mason University, and a Master’s Certificate in National Security & Strategic Studies in 2015 from the U.S. Naval War College.