Dr. Jeremy S. Boccabello – Senior Vice President & Chief Resilience Officer


Dr. Jeremy S. Boccabello serves as Chief Resilience Officer. With over 25 years of experience, he is highly skilled in building risk and resilience programs for public- and private-sector organizations. He directs Covenant Park’s service offerings and assures that every capability we build helps move those we serve towards a comprehensive program of resilience.

Covenant Park leads in this space by continuing to build on a legacy of resilience methodologies which have been in development since the earliest days of the post-WWII national security apparatus. Jeremy was a key player in receiving and refining these methodologies for an increasingly complex and interconnected operating environment post-September 11th and incorporating them into 21st century doctrines, policies and practices.

Jeremy has built resilience programs for highly critical operations supporting all three branches of the US Federal Government and in the private sector in critical infrastructure, alternative energy, semiconductors, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, petrochemicals, power production, financial services, and property management. Mr. Boccabello has international experience in the United Kingdom, Mexico, The Netherlands, Germany, North Africa and the Russian Federation.
Jeremy holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Clemson University, and an M.Phil and D.Phil from Oxford University.